Making Hygiene Fun!

Welcome to The Handy Solution a family run business established in 2020 to help Families, Businesses, Clubs and Organisations stay safe in the North East of Scotland, and throughout the UK.

Browse our full range of Hand Sanitiser Holders and meet our Handy Solutions!

What is a Handy
Solution and who
can use them?…

We’re glad you asked!

A Handy Solution is a holder for storing and using Hand Sanitiser! With a wide range of fun and creative designs, there is one for everyone!

We are proud to have designed and created a bespoke product that can be used by both children & adults for keeping hands clean on the go.

All Handy Solutions arrive with Free Hand Sanitiser supplied and can then be refilled with your preferred hand sanitiser. This helps to ensure that as a parent, you know what your little cherubs are using to clean their hands, whilst avoiding any irritation in the process!

Keeping hands clean on the move can be exceptionally difficult.

The Handy Solution allows you to keep hands clean on the go at School Playgrounds, Parks, Beaches, Picnics, Concerts, Cinemas, Theatres, Gardens, Dog Walking, Cycling, Shopping, Petrol Stations, Supermarkets to name but a few.

As parents we know the challenges trying to keep hands clean while encouraging our children to touch, engage, explore, and interact as they strive towards their dreams of becoming Pirates & Astronauts, Ballet Dancers & Princesses!

The main benefits of all Handy Solutions are that they’re Functional, Handy & Easy to use, additional benefits are:

  • Large selection of unique fun designs in stock available within 1-2 days from payment
  • Re-fillable & re-useable – not single use
  • Locally designed, packaged & delivered right here in Aberdeenshire
  • Supplied empty for ease of parent control / choice of content
  • Our designs have catered for children and adults alike
  • The whole range creates interaction due to their collectible nature
  • Can be affixed to a vast number of things
  • Having a Handy Solution nearby allows for hands to be cleaned at any stage
  • All units are the same competitive price – Multibuy Packages are available
  • Approved for airport hand luggage
  • We’ll never be finished adding to the range – New designs added on a regular basis!
  • Create a Handy Solution advertising your Business, Club or Organisation for additional brand awareness / revenue

Product Specification

All Handy Solutions will be supplied with Free Hand Sanitiser.

• A 500ml bottle of hand sanitiser will fill either:
1 x Handy Solution 16 times
2 x Handy Solutions 8 times each
4 x Handy Solutions 4 times each
8 x Handy Solutions 2 times each
• MSDS available for hand sanitiser.
• The Handy Solution is working in partnership with Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust

Working with AFC

As a final note, we’re exceptionally proud to advise that The Handy Solution is working in partnership with Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust to create the “Amazing Angus” selection and the “Trusty Donny” range, with regular donations being made to the charity for each “NHS Angus” OR “Doctor Donny” OR “In AFC we Trust” sold.